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Air Cleaner Repairs

A small fix of changing your HVAC system’s air filters can help you save time and money of service call , otherwise your heating & cooling system can stop blowing cold or warm air. Air filters must be changed regularly to keep your heating & cooling system running smoothly. Air filters must be checked at the start of every season or after every 3 months. Channing of filters will improve your home comfort and efficiency of your HVAC system.  You can put on reminder in your smart phone or computer calendar, besides that most of the modern thermostat a filter display alert as well. This way will keep you alerted for filters cleaning & repair for a period of time in every season.

Top five environmental health risks includes Indoor Air Pollution , reliable Air Filtration system reduces this risk by eliminating indoor air pollutants, such as dust, smoke, pollen, animal dander, and even particles and gas generated from cooking stoves, pesticides and cleaning products.

In case if it’s still extremely dirty even after cleaning of filters, than expected& and there are visible mold and insects besides you find indoor registers visibly releasing particles then call Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services for your indoor air inspection and repair of your Filtration system.