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Air Conditioner Maintenance

In order to keeps your system operating at top efficiency, then regularly air conditioning maintenance is necessary. Your air conditioning checklist includes several key checkups that includes inspection of the electrical connections, it also includes measuring the voltage to make sure the most efficient use of energy for your system.  Cosmopolitan Mechanical certified tech will tighten up connections & ensures all of your electrical components are in safe working condition.

Lubrication of parts of your cooling system will cut down on friction, lengthen the life of your air conditioning unit, and avoid over-usage of electricity.  Your cooling system tune up also includes inspection of drainage system & operating system.  Cleaning of your cooling system coils will help to avoid overheating.  We’ll do that too, besides that making any fine-tuning to the blower component of your air conditioning unit is necessary for efficient cooling. Inspection & adjustment of your refrigerant maximizes the cooling efficiency of your system.

Skipping of regular tune up for your cooling unit can nickel-and-dime a homeowner into some serious money.  Repairs which could’ve been shunned, can tax your budget & your cooling system may even shout down for some time, resulting sleepless nights & uncomfortable days.  Air conditioning tune up is that “ounce of Preclusion” you need.
Yearly maintenance & cleaning on your central air bring many benefits, such as:

•    Lengthens life of your air conditioning system
•    Cuts down energy bills
•    Boosts operating efficiency
•    Firm flow of colder air for you & family
•    Improved dehumidifying of your home
•    Helps to avoid costly & untimely repairs
•    dependable cooling of your home
•    Peace of mind