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Air Conditioner Protection with Maintenance Plan
Regular maintenance can save more than money
Air Conditioner Protection with Maintenance Plan

Combination of an annualized check-up on your cooling appliance with full parts as well as labour coverage for air conditioning unit malfunctioning, this plan stands out to be of distinguished residence cooling worth.

Air Conditioner Protection with Maintenance Plan

We are familiar that leakage or dirt on air conditioner costs time as well as money while have adverse impact on the environment. Check-ups are the most fruitful way out in order to discover possible troubles prior they are converted into expensive system disorders, while accelerating electricity bills make efficiency more essential every day.

Combination of check-up with parts and labour safeguard with an intention of covering air conditioning malfunctioning is a formula for a happy summer.

We begin with scheduling of an appointment at an appropriate time earlier than the tiring as well as demanding summer season.

After the fulfillment of inspection services by our certified and licensed technician, we’ll render an exclusive HomeCare Report which makes provision of an expert assessment of the appliance, as well as advices to keep it functioning securely and efficiently.

This plan is also inclusive of complete parts and labour preservation – You will not desire your air conditioner got malfunctioned and impinging repair expenses don’t you, therefore feel free to contact us without any worries and we’ll be there as immediate as possible.

With numerous licensed technicians by the accomplishment of manifold maintenance and service calls every year, we’re well versed as well as aware as to what needs to be performed with a perspective of making certain your family’s comfort.