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Furnace Installation

In case you looking for a new furnace or furnace replacement while savings and energy efficiency are your top priority then that’s the best time for home heating investment. Furnaces today pollute quite less while they bring more comfort & heat with low cost.  There is a vast range available of home heating to choose the best furnace. There are number of alternatives in home heating helps you to choose the most suitable furnace for ideal temperature control. Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services offers of-the-line equipment, cutting-edge technology, proven reliable and the maximum efficiency. We have certified installation specialists. They have got technical expertise, command & experience to make sure long-lasting comfort.

A decade ago gas furnace were approximately had an AFUE of about 65%. As of now, Furnaces equipped with modern technology comes with over 90% efficiency while the lowest efficiency allowed by law for new gas furnaces is 78%. Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services offers heating systems to our valued customers with nearly total efficiency, we have models available with up to 97% AFUE. So by installing or upgrading to a new furnace you can potentially save $18 for every $100 spent on your energy cost. New systems comes with improved warranties & it’s less likely that you will face troublesome repairs.

Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services offers up front pricing and written proposals with free in-home visit. While our staff has expanded, we have a team of highly-trained & Certified Installers determined to bring the best solutions in HVAC for the home owners of GTA Ontario.

What does basic and standard Furnace installation includes:

The Furnace includes standard installation for existing wiring, ducting/venting. Electrical renovations or permits extra if required.