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Heating and Cooling Services

If you're living in the GTA, welcome on board. You're here most probably because you were looking for the purchase, maintenance, repair, replacement or troubleshooting something HVAC. And guess what, we're HVAC from head to toe so you’re at the rightest place. Despite the type of need that you have, as long as it comes in HVAC home comfort, we're sure we can suffice for it. Here's what we are offering at Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services Inc.

Cosmopolitan Mechanical Cooling Services

Slushes and ceiling fans won't keep you cool when the temperature will exceed a bit more. Get your Air Conditioners ready to beat the Summer every season. While there's nothing much that your conventional cooling elements like ceiling or table fans require in terms of maintenance (just a bit of dusting and over), there's so much that the Air Conditioners demand. They want extra care for the seasons they're being used in and extra care for the seasons when they're shut closed. We see many homeowners trying to maintain their systems and fail due to tiresome routines, postponing or simply due to the lack of sufficient HVAC knowledge. To cover the needs of all such homeowners and also of all those trying hard to find reliable Air Conditioner Repair technicians, we are offering compact cooling services throughout Toronto, Mississauga and in over 15 GTA areas. We offer top notch cooling appliances including Duct and Ductless Air Conditioners. We sell, install, maintain, repair, replace and relocate all the widely used home cooling appliances. Moreover, we also offer regular and customised Duct Installation, Duct Cleaning and Home Insulation services. It's a complete package to make sure you remain cool no matter how hot or how odd it gets.

Cosmopolitan Mechanical Heating Services

We're not Jack of a single trade. As said already, we know all that comes under HVAC. In addition to our Cooling services, we serve homeowners with professional home heating services that include Installation, Maintenance, Repair, Replacement and Relocation of:
Residential Furnaces
Water Heaters
Residential Boilers
Gas Fireplace
We also offer Gas Pipeline Installation, Fuel Conversion, Duct Cleaning, Duct Work Installation, Home Insulation, Humidifiers, Thermostat, Air Cleaners, Ultra Violet Lights and Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) Systems.

At Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services Inc. we carry and service all that you and your home needs for soothing comfort. Make your home the most comfortable abode and let your home become synonymous to comfort for yourself and everybody that comes there.
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