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Heating and Cooling Services

You always need the name and number of a good Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning company in your index That way, when your whole family is overheating during the hottest days of the year because your air conditioner broke down or everyone's bundled up under blankets during a frigid winter because your heater won't work, you'll instantly know which company you need to call! Cosmopolitan Mechanical is the name to have on your systems, along with this number: (905) 822-9375. But we offer a lot more than heating and air conditioning service to GTA, Ontario residents. Our company is also committed to air quality and comfort, and other benefits for your home.

It's essential for homes in cold environments to have a working heating system, and life is certainly more comfortable when you're able to cool down during hot weather. Cosmopolitan Mechanical offers HVAC service includes installation and repairs of heating and air conditioning systems. We can work with the systems you already have or help you get up to date with new energy efficient systems.

We make sure you Breath in Healthy Air

The quality and comfort of your air also matter a great deal, which we focus on through ventilation. If there is mold, mildew or dust in your airways, you could be blowing these contaminants around every time you try to heat or cool your home, potentially harming the health of your family. There are also many pollutants that contaminate indoor air quality in a home, coming from cleaning products and other sources. Cosmopolitan Mechanical believe that your air shouldn't just be warm or cold, but that it should be clean. It should also be comfortable, with just the right amount of humidity, so your home and body aren't completely dried out, but not too moist either.

Satisfaction is guaranteed

Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services make sure our technicians are trustworthy by performing background checks before they ever enter your house. We also ensure that they are professional by wearing uniforms and providing helpful service, and knowledgeable by going through education and training. You'll feel comfortable welcoming our heating and cooling specialists to your home.

When you become our customer, you can expect neat and clean red carpet service, workmanship warranties and a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee for the work we provide. We don't use cheap parts, yet we still work to keep our service affordable.