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''He is happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home'' - Johann Wolfgang

Peace and comfort go hand in hand. You cannot feel peaceful without feeling comfortable and vice versa. Talking specifically about home comfort, the fact is, in order to feel comfortable at home, you need to have appliances that could keep you comfortable. In Summers, you need to have a system to cool you while in Winters, you need a home heating system. And then again, having a system is not enough. In order to enjoy ultimate comfort, it is important to have the system function with full efficiency. Any system, be it a heating system or cooling system cannot work efficiently unless installed properly, maintained well and repaired in time.
Your Scarborough home could be comfortable if it is provided with all the essentials mentioned above. If not, it is certainly not comfortable in Summers as well as in Winters. An uncomfortable home means you have been making compromises on the level of indoor comfort and have been facing home discomfort all the way. Let this stop here! We the Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services Inc. are now in Scarborough to fulfil all your heating and cooling needs. We cover the following in cooling services:
- Central Air Conditioner
- Split Air Conditioner

We cover the following in Scarborough Heating Services:
- Residential Furnaces
- Water Heaters
- Boilers

We cover the following in Scarborough Indoor Air Quality Services
- Air Cleaners
- Thermostats
- Humidifiers
- UV Lights
- Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems

We sell, install, maintain, diagnose, repair, replace and relocate all the above-mentioned appliances. In addition, we also provide Duct Cleaning and Duct Installation Services. Our other services include:
- Scarborough Gas Pipeline Installation Services
- Scarborough Gas Fireplace Installation Services
- Scarborough Home Insulation Services

After all this right in your neighbourhood, your home should never again be uncomfortable.

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