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Humidifier Maintenance

Humidifier will perform its best, but all you need to do is to keep it in top condition—and that requires regular cleaning & maintenance of your humidifier. Whole house humidifier is a comparatively simple system. For all that, that doesn’t mean you should ignore its maintenance.
Annual Whole-House Humidifier Maintenance Includes following Main key points

1-    Change of Humidifier Water Panel, Evaporator Pad & filter
2-    Drain Line Inspection
3-    Metering Orifice Device Cleaning
4-    Making sure that system is level

Accomplishment of these tasks can help you keep your whole-house humidifier running smoothly year after year, for a thorough Inspection of your humidifier system call Cosmopolitan Mechanical highly trained and fully licensed technicians to help you to strengthen your home’s indoor air quality & total comfort.

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