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Indoor Air Quality

With the advancement in technology, we're able to explore more about the unseen world. Well, the unseen here refers the microscopic world. We didn't know a few decades ago from today that the apparently clean air that we breathe in the indoors has millions and millions of pollutants per square feet. This is what the latest advancement in science has revealed and this is what has raised concerns about how are we supposed to provide ourselves with clean air if we aren't safe from the contaminated air even in the indoors? Fortunately, we are here in the 21st century, already provided with the solutions and what they are? The solution is Air Cleaning Devices. Over time, HVAC manufacturers have put exceptional effort to come up with solutions to help keep indoors clean and as a result, we have today;

Air Cleaners
Air Filtration Units
Media Filters
Ultra Violet Lights
Germicidal Lights
and several other such appliances that claim to clean the air up to 98.8% making it healthier, fresher and better. So thank God that we have a solution to protect ourselves from the hazardous effects of the industrial revolution. But the question is; Is installing Air Cleaning Appliances the ultimate solution to better indoor air quality? The answer is; No!No, because even these appliances have their limits and even they have some cons along with the pros that they provide. In order to provide yourself and your family with improved indoor air quality, there is a complete set of practices that you are supposed to follow. Here are some that Health Canada suggests:

Improve Indoor Air Quality - Here's how?

- Appliances that burn fuel; i.e Furnace, Gas Fireplace, Stoves, Boilers, Water Heater etc must be inspected by a pro at least once a year - Smoking should be avoided inside of home - The home should have proper natural ventilation or an HRV system installed - Humidity levels need to be checked regularly particularly as the seasons change - Vacuuming and cleaning should be done regularly - If mould, spore, or other bacterias are found, quick preventive measures should be taken to get rid of themdi - All types of materials that burn or helps burning i.e paints, varnishes, acids, petrol and other such solvents should be kept outside of home or at a safe place - Cracks and leaks should be sealed properly - Windows and doors should be opened in the early daytime for the freshest and cleanest air of the day to circulate in the home

Breathe 98.8% fresher air with HEPA Filters

In addition to following all these steps, it is necessary to also install an Air Cleaning System particularly if you're sensitive to dust and allergies because no matter how much cleaning you do, the microscopic pollutants are going to be there nonetheless until and unless they're filtered by the specially designed filters. There are tens of types of Air Cleaners and Air Filtration units available in the market. You can choose one according to your needs. We at Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services Offer:

Honeywell F300 Air Cleaner
Honeywell TrueClean Air Cleaner
Lennox Healthy Climate 10
Lennox Healthy Climate 16

In addition, we also have Ultra Violet Lights of SwordFish, Lennox and others. To get to know about our complete range, call at: 1-855-245-4328