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Truth be told, every single home comfort appliance needs maintenance be it high or low. Primarily there are two types of Maintenance. One that is supposed to be done by individuals themselves, i.e regular cleaning, proper use, following basic precautions etc. The other that needs to be performed by a pro, i.e annual maintenance or serious emergency maintenance. None from the above-mentioned should be ignored to enjoy optimal performance from the systems. Here are some benefit of Appliance Maintenance:

Maintenance Benefits

- With regular maintenance, your appliance remain healthy and performs with highest possible efficiency
- When regular maintenance is performed, appliance is less likely to be seen by a Repair Tech
- With regular maintenance, any serious damages are diagnosed and fixed well in time
- A properly maintained appliance, unlike unmaintained ones does not bring fatty bills home
- Regular appliance maintenance saves from accidents
- Last but not the least, a properly maintained appliance runs longer and last longer

Cosmopolitan Mechanical Cooling Appliance Maintenance

At Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services Inc. we are veteran at performing professional maintenance of all types of HVAC appliances. Our Cooling Maintenance would include: Cooling Appliance Maintenance
- Overall diagnosis of the appliance
- Checking for refrigerant and refrigerant leaks
- Measurement of temperature difference
- Inspection of drains and drain lines
- Inspection of indoor and outdoor units
- Checking Thermostat
and/or other customised tasks depending on the Maintenance Service type taken.

Heating Appliance Maintenance

In addition to cooling appliances, we cover all types of HVAC heating appliances in our maintenance services which include; Furnaces, Water Heaters, Boilers, Heat Pumps etc. Our heating maintenance includes:
- Inspection of wiring/gas lines
- Checking burners and ignition parts
- Testing of heat exchanger
- Cleaning and lubricating appliance parts
- Inspecting vents and pipes
- Checking drains
- Replacing Filters, Pads etc
As said already, there are two types of maintenance. One that you can do and one for which you need to call a pro. Do what should be done by yourself but call a professional technician at least once a year to inspect your appliances. In order to have our maintenance services for FREE, check out our Refer A Friend Offer. For Details: