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Noritz NRCP1112 Water Heater

NRCP1112 Indoor Tankless Water Heater

Noritz NRCP1112 Water Heater

Noritz NRCP series heaters offer the latest cutting edge technology in tankless water heaters. The NRCP1112 is an indoor condensing tankless water heater that can produce up to 11 gallons of hot water per minute. The NRCP features an internal pump that can be used in two different modes. External mode, combined with a return line, can keep the water in the pipes warm resulting in lower wait times for hot water. Internal mode, which does not require a return line, will keep the water within the unit warm to reduce the traditional delay between water demand and the startup sequence. This unit is equipped with heavy duty 304 stainless steel heat exchanger for superior thermal transfer as well as excellent resistance to scale formation. Noritz NRCP series heaters can be vented using 2? schedule 40 PVC pipe and operate with as little as 3.5? water column on the incoming gas line. These features contribute to a relatively low installation cost. All brought to you by Noritz America, the World’s largest producer of tankless water heaters.

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Product Features

Technical Specifications

Home Size
- Southern climate: 4 baths
- Northern climate: 3 baths

Indoor Unit Dimensions
- 27.6" (H) x 17.3" (W) x 14.8 (D)

- 85 lbs

Gas Consumption
- Min 18,000 btuh
- Max 199,900 btuh

(NG & LP)
- Natural Gas/Propane

Capacity Range
- .5 - 11.1 Gallons per min

Energy Factor
- .95

Thermal Efficiency
- 97

Temperature Settings
- 100-140 F( IN 5° F Intervals)

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We have been thinking about changing our 25 years old Ac for quite some time. Finally, last month we decided to change. We come to know about cosmopolitan through Lennox website.We got a very reasonable quote from cosmopolitan. Installation was done by the installer Dave. Very professional workmanship definitely deserves to be recommended.
Nadia & Norman A
If you need someone to repair your furnace or air conditioner call Cosmopolitan. We did and were very happy at the response and the cost a lot less than I had thought it might be. Greg gave me some good maintenance advice as well. We will call them from now on to do our pre season check and maintenance. It'll be well worth it.
Heather K. & Peter C.

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