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Water Heater Cleaning & Maintenance

Are you tired of doing DIY maintenance of your Water Heaters and need a pro's help now? Great! We're available for all types of Water Heater Maintenance. One thing that most homeowners do is that they fail to differentiate between the Maintenance that is an everyday maintenance and is necessarily supposed to be done by the homeowners themselves and the maintenance that requires professional help.

The maintenance that is supposed to be done by the homeowners is proper cleaning, using the unit the right way, placing it at the right place, repairing it asap when the repair need comes etc. Whereas the professional maintenance is what requires a professional's hand to tune up the unit that hinders any possibilities of breakdowns, makes the finding of repairs easy while also help elongate the lifetime of a unit. So, we say: go pro when it's necessary.

Water Heater Maintenance Cautions!!!

Although we highly encourage homeowners to seek professional help for the annual maintenance, we do encourage homeowners doing maintenance tasks that are not risky by themselves. Here are some cautions to consider while performing a DIY Water Heater Maintenance * Don't forget to turn off all the electric and gas supplies before performing any maintenance task
* Check P&V valve to make sure it is operating well
* In order to remove sediments, flush the water tank
* Do not use improper equipment
* Do not press any part of the unit hardly, it might cause leaks.

Water Heater Preventive Maintenance Program

Like we said before if you're tired of doing DIY maintenance or end up damaging your unit every time you try maintenance, there's a professional as well as reliable service that you can rely on. At Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services Inc. we offer Water Heater Preventive Maintenance program that includes annual maintenance of Water Heaters of all makes and models with up to 25% discount on parts replacement. Subscribe to our Protection Plan now to make the most of this offer or request a FREE quote for Water Heater Maintenance if you wish to take the services as a non-existing customer.