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Water Heater Cleaning & Maintenance

Ontario homeowners never give their hot water heater a thought. That’s not wise, since dust and debris can build up inside the water heater’s burner assembly and interfere with its normal operation. This can lead to following issues:

1- Slow water heating and too much time to reheat after showers.
2- Failure of the heater’s burner to light.
3- Insufficiently hot water.

Regular cleaning of your gas hot water heater’s burners and combustion chamber will enhance its performance besides prolonging the life of the water heater and save energy. That’s why regular Inspection and cleaning of your conventional hot water heater’s burner assembly for dust and debris is recommended.  

Tank-less water heaters Maintenance / Flushing

These type of water heaters are more growing in popularity among customers. They come without tank, but they have filters and lines that need regular maintenance for efficient operation maintaining their performance. Tank-less water heaters are complex machines and can be easily damaged if not serviced properly.

Cosmopolitan Mechanical highly recommend for Maintenance and Flushing of your Tank-less water heater

Special Water Heater Cleaning / Flushing Value – $159.00+TAX